Company Culture

Covering a wide variety of occupations and producing strategies associated with the art and science of watch making, Tense Collectibles utilizes various approaches of this centuries-old craft to accommodate the current in products and fabrication strategies in addition to the most standard types of handwork, all under one roofing system. It is this versatility in production that enables Tense Collectibles to stay at the helm of development in watch making and produce special and advanced watches.

The Tense Collectibles style workshop has all the needed knowledge and facilities to make the future of watch making a truth today.

From the production of the micro-components in motions to the building and construction of case parts, the synergy that exists in the Tense Collectibles style workshop has permitted such advancement productions in addition to innovative styles in both case and motion building and construction. With its own Metallurgy & Products lab working carefully with the Research study & Advancement department, the possibilities for development are just restricted by how far one's creativity can go.